Recent scientific publications

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of calcium-vitamin D3 chewable tablets
March 2012 · Expert Opin Drug Metab Toxicol 2011;7:785-91 · original article · read more
Validation of the 6 min walk test according to the OMERACT filter: a systematic literature review by the EPOSS-OMERACT group.
June 2010 · Ann Rheum Dis · review · read more
Peripheral arterial disease as an independent predictor for excess stroke morbidity and mortality in primary-care patients: 5-year results of the getABI study.
May 2010 · Cerebrovasc Research · original article · read more
Bleeding events in pulmonary arterial hypertension
November 2009 · Eur J Clin Inv · review · read more
International, prospective register for the documentation of first-line and maintenance therapy in patients with PH
August 2009 · Deutsche Med Wochenschrift · review · read more
Inhibition of endothelin receptors in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension
June 2008 · Eur Heart Journal · review · read more
Ergebnisse einer klinisch-epidemiologischen Querschnitts- und Verlaufsstudie mit 50.000 Patienten in 3.000 Hausarztpraxen (384 S.)
November 2007 · Elsevier · read more
Medikamente gegen Bluthochdruck und Diabetes mellitus. Pharmakoepidemiologische Aspekte bei der Verordnung von Antihypertensiva und Antidiabetika in der primäärztlichen Versorgung in Deutschland
May 2005 · Shaker-Verlag · read more
Atrial fibrillation management, outcomes and predictors of stable disease in daily practice
September 2012 · Int J Cardiol. 2012 Apr 2. [Epub ahead of print] · original article · read more
Associations of age-dependent IGF-I SDS with cardiovascular diseases and risk conditions:
February 2008 · Eur J Endocrinol 2008 · original article · read more
Metabolisches Syndrom und periphere arterielle Verschlusskrankheit als Indikatoren für erhöhtes kardiovaskuläres Risiko
January 2007 · Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift · original article · read more
<span class="jrnl">J Am Coll Cardiol</span>. 2016 Jul 26;68(4):368-78.
July 2016 · original article · read more
Effect of nebivolol vs. hydrochlorothiazide on the walking capacity in hypertensive patients with intermittent claudication.
May 2011 · J Hypertension · original article · read more
Management of atrial fibrillation by primary care physicians in Germany: baseline results of the ATRIUM registry
May 2011 · Clin Res Cardiol · original article · read more
Secondary prevention of diabetic patients with coronary artery disease in cardiac rehabilitation: risk factors, treatment
March 2009 · Curr Med Res Opinion · original article · read more
Diabetes Mellitus in German Primary Care: Quality of Glycaemic Control and Subpopulations not well Controlled
May 2008 · Exp Clin Endocrinol Diabetes · original article · read more
Reproducibility and reliability of the ankle-brachial index as assessed by vascular experts, family physicians and nurses.
July 2007 · Vasc Med · original article · read more
Advances in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension: focus on endothelin receptor antagonism
July 2007 · Curr Med Res Opin · editorial · read more
Systemic sclerosis - continuing progress in developing clinical measures of response.
May 2007 · J Rheumatol · review · read more
Efficacy and safety of the six-dose regimen of artemether-lumefantrine for treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in adolescents and adults: A pooled analysis of individual patient data from randomized clinical trials.
November 2006 · Acta Trop · original article · read more
Dual endothelin receptor antagonism in pulmonary arterial hypertension
September 2006 · European Journal of Clinical Investigation · editorial · read more
Role of endothelin and endothelin receptor antagonists in renal disease
September 2006 · European Journal of Clinical Investigation · review · read more
Prävalenz, medikamentöse Behandlung und Einstellung des Diabetes mellitus in der Hausarztpraxis
August 2006 · Medizinische Klinik · original article · read more
Association of low ankle brachial index with high mortality in primary care
July 2006 · European Heart Journal ("top 50 read"!) · read more
Efficacy and safety of the six-dose regimen of Artemether-Lumefantrine in pediatrics with uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria: a pooled analysis of individual patient data
June 2006 · PubMed · read more
Unmet needs in the diagnosis and treatment of dyslipidemia in the primary care setting in Germany
March 2006 · PubMed · read more
Cardiovascular high-risk constellations in primary care
December 2005 · PubMed · read more

Recent congress presentations

ATS 2017
INSIGHTS-IPF: follow-up results
Washington, DC, USA, 19. - 23.05.17 · read more
European Respiratory Society 2016
INSIGHTS-IPF registry: current results
EXPERT study: current results
London, 29. - 30.09.16 · read more
Adult Congenital Heart Summit 2014
Lessons from Contemporary Pulmonary Hypertension Registries 
Antalya, Turkey, 13. - 13.03.14 · read more
10. International Congress of Update in Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery (UCCVS) 2014
Methodological Considerations and Quality Aspects in Setting Up an International Registry 
Antalya, Turkey, 13. - 16.03.14 · read more
European Respiratory Society (ERS 2012)
Demographics, clinical characteristics, health resource utilization and cost of patients with CTEPH: Retrospective results from six European countries

Vienna, 04. - 04.09.12 · read more
3. Nationaler Präventionskongress
Arzneimittel und Qualitätsmanagement - rechtliche Vorgaben und aktueller Stand
Dresden, 27. - 28.11.11 · read more
American Thoracic Society, Mai 2011
Combination Therapy With Sildenafil And Sitaxentan In Patients With Severe Pulmonary Hypertension.
Annual Congress, Denver, USA
Denver, 31. - 31.05.11 · read more
GUCH Meeting 2010
Izmir, 17. - 19.04.10 · read more
Association for European Pediatric Cardiology (Annual Meeting 2010)
CompERA-XL: international registry 
Innsbruck, Austria, 28. - 01.01.01 · read more
American Thoracic Society: Annual Meeting 2010
CompERA-XL: rationale and baseline characteristics
New Orleans, USA, 18. - 18.05.10 · read more
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kardiologie (DGK) 2008
Signifikant erhöhte Mortalität von Patienten mit PAVK: 5-Jahres-Ergebnisse der getABI-Studie
Mannheim, 29. - 30.04.08 · read more
XIV International Symposium on Atherosclerosis (ISA)
Prevalence of Obesity and its Importance to Cardiovascular Diseases in Germany: Findings from the DETECT Study.
Rom, 18. - 22.06.06 · read more
41. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Diabetes Gesellschaft (DDG)
Diabetes mellitus in der primärärztlichen Versorgung: HbA1c-Werte in Abhängigkeit von Geschlecht, Alter und Diabetesdauer - Ergebnisse der DETECT Studie.
Leipzig, 24. - 27.05.06 · read more
41. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Diabetes Gesellschaft (DDG)
Werden Frauen mit Diabetes mellitus anders versorgt als Männer? - Ergebnisse der DETECT Studie.
Leipzig, 24. - 27.05.06 · read more
1. Nationaler Präventionskongress in Deutschland
Epidemiologische Studien in der primärärztlichen Versorgung zur Identifikation von Versorgungsqualität.
Dresden, 01. - 02.12.05 · read more

Scientific awards